The Cube Basic Mosquito Misting System 11750

Cube Basic 55 gal Misting System includes a short range Remote Control. Can easily handle up to 80 nozzles on up to 1200 feet of tubing.
Rid your yard of mosquitoes and nuisance insects once and for all.  The 55 gallon, 26 inch Cube Basic Mosquito Misting System is powerful enough to handle up to 80 nozzles on  up to 1200 feet of tubing, while misting at 300 psi. The innovative cube design houses all the components in one compact space, safely and securely under the lid.  The programmable timer allows for 6 independent daily mist cycles.   

The Cube  Basic comes with a short range remote control for mistin g in between scheduled mist.  

Pynamite  systems offer a couple different power options: plug it in and forget about it... keeps working for up to 2 weeks if electricity is lost, or add the optional solar panel and charge the system with the power of the sun. When using the optional solar panel you never need to worry about having access to an A/C power source.  

The major differences between the Basic and Pro is that the Basic utilizes a seconds timer, not the digital controller. You can set up to six 1-60 second mist cycles. The Basic system does not have an agitator. The Basic uses the same high pressure 300 psi pump and motor as the Pro. The Basic has a shorter range remote control than the Pro.

The Basic can not utilize the zone Kit, but it can utilize the solar panel. timer with 6 programmable independent daily mist cycles, from 1 – 60 seconds remote control, short range no agitation state of the art technology, can run up to 2 weeks or 30 mist cycles on stored power high pressure 300 psi pump can mist up to 80 nozzles on 1200 feet of tubing pressure valve to maintain a constant pressure across the nozzle circuit can utilize optional solar panel 

Don’t forget to add misting concentrate, nozzle, and fittings

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  • Model: 11750
  • Manufacturer: PYNAMITE