PYNAMITE Tankless Auto Misting Systems

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Eliminates the need for a large bulky reservoir full of insecticide.

Pynamite Mosquito Misting Systems
offer the perfect stress-free do-it-yourself mosquito control and nuisance insect control solution. With over 30 years of experience, we sell a misting system that works! Our Mosquito Misting Systems eliminate mosquitoes, flies, ticks, spiders, and more!
Pynamite Mosquito Misting Systems come in a variety of options perfectly fit for your property: residential, barn and commercial. Our exclusive Cube tank, at only 26 inches and still 55 gallons, means no more cumbersome, ugly drums. And our Pynamite 10 gallon tank is perfect for the smaller yard or application.

Pynamite Mosquito Misting Systems are sold in kits, and we are happy to help design a system just for your yard.

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