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Fitting accepts 1/4” OD tubing -O-ring between nozzle threads and adapter for leak free operation.
. Internal check valve w/ Viton o-ring for no-drip shut-off,40 micron sintered bronze internal filter
Output—0.75 GPH at 160 PSI at about 30 micron droplet & 70 degree spray pattern

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PYNAMITE Straight Nozzle Kit (10 pk) Black or White Tubing 10580

PYNAMITE 10580 View

Straight Nozzle Kit (10 pk) comes with everything to set up a 150 foot nozzle circuit:  10 straight nozzles 12 union tees 2 plugs 100 tube clamps w/screws 150 feet of tubing (black or white) 1 tube cutter Nozzle kits are compatible with most misting systems and can seamlessly be added to your current installation.  Choose either black or white tubing.
Each Kit comes with everything a do-it-yourselfer needs to create a complete nozzle circuit. Every Pynamite Cube Residential, Basic and Barn system and Patio 10 gallon system can easily handle up to 40 nozzles on up to 600 feet of tubing. Cube Pro systems can mist up to 80 nozzles on 1200 feet of tubing.  Mix and match the kits for greater flexibility. Nozzles are easily installed every 10 feet on the eaves of a structure, in trees, landscaping and along fence lines to make a mosquito free barrier.

All our nozzles are stainless steel and engineered for our misting systems.  They include fully cleanable filters - no more replacing nozzle tips when they get clogged. The orifice size and shape ensures the exact droplet size required to get the most benefit from the insecticide being misted.  Our tube clamps come with attached screws for ease of installation.  Our fittings are all nickel/brass and the tubing is 1/4" nylon. Don't settle for low quality products, plastic nozzles, rubber tubing and low pressure pumps, and expect the same results.  Buy quality the first time and you won't be disappointed.
Black tubing comes standard. 


CoastalMister™ Standard Branch Tee 45 Nozzle

CoastalMister Standard Branch Tee 45 Nozzle View

CoastalMister™ Standard Branch Tee 45 Nozzle For all Quick Fit Nozzles and connectors, it is recommended that you use a tubing release tool to ensure you do not damage your fitting. One is available as an option to this order.

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