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There are many ways, tips and techniques to install an Auto Mist automatic insect control system. Nozzles are commonly placed in areas that offer the highest rate of insect control effectiveness.

In residential settings a variety of methods can be used to achieve lower mosquito populations. Attaching spray nozzles to fence lines, deck railings, in hedges, trees or on retaining walls can accomplish the goal of perimeter control. Some yards do not lend themselves to these applications. For yards that have limited landscaping or attaching structures, underground risers are a good option.

Indoor insect control for livestock facilities can be accomplished with a simple formula, one spray nozzles for every 1000 cubic feet. A 10' x 10' horse stall with a 10' ceiling is a good example for the area one nozzle can cover. Although this example is ideal, one nozzle can cover a 12' x 12' stall just fine and ceiling height can be as high as 14 feet.

Suggestions & Hints

1. When figuring a system for a barn or building, first determine the square footage of the areas to be sprayed.

2. Figure one nozzle line for each 12 feet of barn width.

3. Figure an elbow nozzle assembly for each end of each nozzle line, with tee nozzle assemblies in between.

4. When over 2 nozzle lines are used, extra tubing tees, fittings and tubing will be required to connect the lines to the feed line.

5. If other areas, such as additions or other rooms are to be sprayed, you will have to add nozzles, tubing and fittings. If a total of 50 nozzles or more are required, figure 3/8 inch tubing for all feed lines.

6. If the facility is over 120 feet long, the feed line should be 3/8 inch tubing.

7. If the facility is over 150 feet long, the feed line should be 3/8 inch and you should figure 1 cross feed line for each 75 feet of barn length... EXAMPLE, if the facility is 160 feet long there should be a cross feed line 40 feet from each end of the facility, providing equal feed for equal distances for each line.

8. If more than one facility is to be figured, place the basic unit (pumping unit) in the larger barn with the basic unit on the side closest to the 2nd facility.

9. For multiple barns, feed each barn from the basic unit by figuring a tee fitting at the pump outlet. Use 3/8 feed lines in all multiple barn applications.

System Sizing Chart


Nozzle Mounting Height SQ FT Per Nozzle
7-8 Feet 114
9 Feet 133
10 Feet 120
11 Feet 113
12 Feet 108
13 Feet 107
14 Feet 107



A 36' X 90' facility with a nozzle mounting height of 9 feet. 

Square footage of the barn is 3,240 square feet.

The sizing chart shows 133 square feet for a 9 foot ceiling.

Take the 3,240 square feet and divided by 133 square feet per nozzle = 24 nozzles required for the facility.

Horse stables use one nozzle assembly for every 10'X 10' or 12' X 12' stall. For best results, nozzles should also be run down the alley, one nozzle assembly every 12 feet.


Please call or email us. Installation is relatively easy and we will be happy to give you assistance on the easiest way to install. Please use our many years of experience to make this one of the easiest things you have done to improve insect control over your facility. 

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