PYRANHA 1/4 x 1/4 union elbow-nickel - 0048813004

PYRANHA 1/4 x 1/4 union elbow-nickel - 15318-1 0048813004

For all Quick Fit Nozzles and connectors, it is recommended that you use a tubing release tool to ensure you do not damage your fitting. One is available as an option to this order.

Note:  We have tried to keep the shipping and handling fees to a minimum however, UPS has begun to charge for a full pound for shipping even though there is not a full pound of items being shipped. The shipping of those  items shipped from warehouses, are not under my control so I have to use the shipping that is available to me. In light of this I have had to put a minimum shipping amount on single items shipped.  If your order exceeds the threshold of $59.00 for free shipping you will still get free shipping. Do you possibly need filters, nozzle tips?
  • Model: 0048813004
  • Manufacturer: AutoMist