CoastalMister 125 Gallon Spray System Digital w/Remote & Cover


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CoastalMister 125 Gallon Spray System Digital w/Remote & Cover Includes Freight

The CoastalMister™ is a reliable, high-quality mosquito mister system designed to eliminate mosquitoes and all other insects in the outdoor spaces of your home. Its gentle routine won’t be distracting or burdensome. Since it sprays a low dosage at multiple, pre-planned times each day, the CoastalMister™ provides continuous coverage and protection without being invasive. Most other mosquito control methods are only applied every few weeks or months. Their efficacy is reduced over time, especially after it rains, which is often when you need mosquito protection most. Not to mention you and your pets would typically be locked inside for a couple hours till the harsh smell eases. With the low dosage program from CoastalMister™, you can enjoy your own yard comfortably any day, any time.

Digital Control Box:

Our latest design incorporates all of the features of traditional misting systems with the ease of programming and precision of a battery backed up digital circuit board. Remote can turn system on and off with audible chirp to confirm operation. Boxes come programmed for up 12 user defined spray times per day, or they can be operated in periodic mode, with frequency of 1 - 240 minutes between sprays, and duration of 1-99 seconds each spray. Ideal for barns, restaurants, fly repellent, odor control, or any application requiring periodic sprays.

Remote Control

Each CoastalMister features remote control capability for activation at times of increased activity. Features of the R1G Digital remote control include being able to turn the system On and Off, as well as mist remotely

Digital System vs. Hybrid System

How to install a system

Coastal Mister Digital Timer Instructions

Mosquito Misting Protocol


How to service a system

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  • Model: CoastalMister 125 GallonDigital w/Remote & Cover
  • Manufacturer: CoastalMister