Auto Mist Guidelines & Instruction Manual

Auto Mist Guidelines & Instruction Manual

Auto Mist Guidelines & Instruction Manual Guidelines When having an Auto Mist system installed:

- Always use installers and service technicians that comply with the state's license, certification, and registration requirements.
- Make sure that the installer has calibrated the system to apply no more than the maximum daily application rate as specified on the pesticide label.
- Make sure the nozzles are directed to spray toward the target area and away from eating/cooking areas and any water body including swimming pools and fish ponds (some pesticides are toxic to aquatic organisms).
- Placing nozzles less than 10 ft from the ground will reduce chemical drift. Chemical drift may affect other people, animals and surrounding environment not in your yard area. - Set nozzles to direct mist away from outside air conditioners or other home air intakes.
- Make sure both the reservoir and operating system are securely locked and inaccessible to children at all times to avoid potential poisoning accidents. When using an Auto Mist system:
- Set automatic timers for times when people and pets are unlikely to be sprayed.
- Only use the system when pests are most active. For example, certain varieties of mosquitoes are most active in the early morning and evening hours.
- Avoid using the system during high wind (>10 mph), rainfall, fog, or when outside air temperatures fall below 50 Fahrenheit or other times when insects are generally not active.
- Obtain and READ the pesticide label to know the pesticide precautions and its appropriate use in the system.
- Be aware of the maximum daily rate specified on the product label and how your system operates.
- Be a good neighbor - some neighbors may have sensitivities to the pesticides or object to drift of chemicals onto their property. - Avoid damage or misuse from a leaking or malfunctioning system - regularly maintain and inspect it.
- Turn the system off when not needed for extended periods of time. auto mist installation manual

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